This is slash, mostly *nsync, sometimes backstreet and occasionally Brit or Christina getting down. It's all good to me. On the occasion of the 200th rec, I added 12 of my favorite lamblove stories (more are here, the lambs recs page is almost always updated at the same time as this page), and links to a number of other rec pages in popslash and archive-y pages. New recs marked with asterisks and added to the bottom of the list.

All Pop Slash, all made up. Not even close to true.

Slave to Love A lovely AU with beautiful narration and effective dialogue. The sex scenes are lush and tender. Long, but worth it. An excellent read.
Ghost Short, but haunting. An incredibly powerful piece.
Isoceles Justin. JC. Nick Carter. So good it hurts with laughs through the pain.
As I Watch the Sun Fuck the Ocean A road trip of lyrical beauty and gritty bitterness. Justin and JC and a small Japanese car courtesy of Trace's mom.
And You Can Tell Everybody Just inspires a great big awwwwwww.
Tatami Disorientated and cranky and then it all clicks into place just like it should.
Pinch Personal bias: I really dislike the "we'll pinch you if you don't wear green" thing. A sweet characterization of Justin, concise and lovely.
Catharsis Feverish and cool and undeniably sexy.
Freely Given Elliptical and real. Anger, forgiveness and, well, it's Helen, and I would read essays on the phone book if she wrote them.
Glimmering Sweet and lovely. I'm not a fan of second person stories in general, but this one pulls it off beautifully.
The Law of the Excluded Middle Harsh, hard and heart-breaking.
And All It Was Elliptical. Lovely. It's all about the white picket fence.
Item A quick and witty build up to a sucker punch in the gut. Well-done.
Fiction, Baby Almost a story within a story, this one brings a lot of funny and a little bit of the romance. Very good read. (A sidenote: I love Olive Garden.)
How to Disappear Completely Hypnotic, understated and beautiful.
Reflection A lovely trip inside the mind of Nick Carter with a kick-in-the-teeth ending. Very, very good.
Sleeping Beauty Funny in an 'awwwwwwww, sweet' way and lovely all around.
Full Circle Love waits and it's all just completely wonderful.
Dancing Days Understated and circular and worth more than one read.
Coldhearted One of the funniest things I've ever, ever read in this fandom and still moving and hot and just downright amazing.
Magdalene Dark in that very good and scarring and you can't quite scrape it off your mind and yup. Worth a read.
Losing My Religion Yeah, I'm a sucker for dark and tormented and fucked up and miscommunication and all that. Especially when it's done this well.
Letting Go Understated and sad, a quiet thing of beauty.
Dirty Girl Harsh and funny, and a characterization of Chris that took my breath away. Worth multiple reads.
Little Plastic Castle A lot packed into a few pages. Haunting and wistful, this is a story for anyone who's ever wondered, "what if?"
OutsideA stunning and quiet Brit POV that's searing.
The Bird Story Funny and beautiful and a quote from an amazing book. What more could you ask for?
Run Through It's criminal of me to have not added this earlier, because it's pretty much one of my all-time favorite *n slash stories. Ever. I have Wade Issues, and most of them are because of this story.
Rusty And again with the "why didn't I put this up earlier?" Cause it's so good.
Motion Picture Breaks your heart. Seriously. So damned good.
Tropics It's hot. HOT. Like, wow, hot. Man, HOT.
Starfucker Captivating and breathtaking and pitch-perfect. Of course, that can be said about all of Helen's work, but this one in particular really got me.
Mighty Brite Bright And yes, wow. Funny and heartbreaking and then funny again.
Ledishka & Proschai A fairy tale of incredible beauty and poetry, and gritty details. Captivates.
Stupid Girl An unflinching look at the way Britney's mind works. I cannot say enough good things about this story. Read it immediately.
Compilation for JC Love and music, breathtaking and lovely. Long and worth every word.
Always Lance/Britney that reads like poetry.
Ever After Again with the overdue rec. One of the first stories I read in *nslash, and even incomplete, it's amazing and honest and sweet.
They Say Home is ... Home is a well-written story that makes you go awwwwwww without going ewwww.
32 I would write 32 reasons I really enjoy this story, but your time would be better spent reading it. Sweet and insightful.
Destinations Justin at 14 and heartbreaking true in its voice.
It Dark and sad and poor JC, it breaks you and twists you.
The Other Half An unusual premise but it works and it's funny and heartbreaking and enjoyable.
Alpha & Tendre With the funny and the hot sex and Justin, Nick and Joey and it's still heartbreaking.
onetwothree A wonderful story that uses the wonders of html and doesn't sacrifice one iota of poetry and great characterization and all those very important things.
Nebraska Hot times in a car. And still a little wrenching.
Remember I really hope Justin's birthday was exactly like. I 100% love it.
Nerfherder JC, Joey, singing, and love. A big smile for this one.
Join The Club Justin and everyone and I need to find another word for heartbreaking but it's the best one for this.
Phase Quietly, in sleep, Chris and JC and moving on.
Fragile Chris is not bad in bed.
Thirty Trickyfish, and no one takes the easy way out.
Over to Next Sad, Chris post!sync, and so well done you're happy to tumble down.
And the rest is Silence JC/Eminem and typical of Silvia, dark, understated, poetic, the harsh angles that snap into relief.
Shojin Ryori Truly beautiful, a visual and written feast.
Even Odd Out & Fold & Endgame If there was a Kirkchastrick 101 manual, this story would be exhibits A-Z. More than a romance AU, it made OTPers of us all. (Almost all, that is.)
Everything Funny, sweet and wonderful. Kirkchastrick and BSB and yes, just go read, I promise you.
Balance An amazing story in progress with Nick in college and Chris falling in love and not the least of the amazing things about this story is that it made me like Brian Littrell for the length of the story.
Chocolate Heartbreak and recovery and I've read two Chris/Nick stories and here I am rec'ing both of them - is this pairing so rare it's immune to suckage?
Pathological Funny and sweet and Nick lies a lot. And then he doesn't.
Aisle Seven Given that my Brian Issues are the size of Australia, and that this story is Brian/Joey and I still loved it, well, yeah. It's good, yo.
Delight Britney has wings.
42 1/2 A Christmas story and amusing and yet, still moving. You want to believe!
Selfish Dark and bleak and quiet. In all the right ways.
Live Through This A sequel to Losing My Religion, and it's necessary to read that one first, but. Read this and it's dark and so wonderful from start to finish. Scarring and complex and every character shines.
Normal Just Like You Britney, Bobbie, and the difficulty of fitting in, except also with cigarettes and ashes. Dark and lovely.
Wherever AJ comes out, his boyfriend doesn't. Funny and sweet and hurtful.
Hackery In which the puppies and Nick are hackers on the side of good and the JuNi is delicious and well-done. An ongoing series, link is to the first story.
I Never Promised You A Rose Garden JC and Lance in three parts and the way things fall apart.
The Vacation Lance goes on vacation and leaves a robot. Funny and heartbreaking at the same time.
Well, you see, I met this boy ... JuNi in a closet and Chris worms out the truth. Hot.
Company Dark and understated. JC laughs and he isn't supposed to be alone.
Girls Because Brit likes 'em.
Reflect Nick has this little ritual before shows. Really, really hot.
Shimmy Funny and sweet and the loveliest Lance.
Pretend Justin thinks Usher is hot, and this is darker than that sounds.
... and maybe I'll love you Not just another high school AU, this one has a tight, rhythmic narrative that draws you in.
Hiatus. I'm a sucker for good road trip stories, and add in my second favorite pairing of Chris and JC and both are wonderfully characterized, so yes, go read!
Would You Lance runs away from Joey and it's just all so wonderful, sniff. Sniff! This story stays with you.
Confidential Funny, understated and JC's figuring out what kind of crazy he is.
Contrast Lyrical and sharp, an examination of Justin's affections.
Run Smooth The authors call it a smutty soap opera, but it's much better than that. If all JC/Lance were like this, I'd read a lot more.
Affair Hot like the surface of the sun. Chris is in charge, Justin, you know, learns something new.
Used More of the crossover love, and a long and lovely look at Justin and AJ finding each other.
The Royal We Everyone's fantasy, well-written and twisted, hot.
As Clumsy As You've Been Saved by the Bell is always funny, even in the midst of all the heartbreak.
It Pricks Like A Thorn JC and Nick together and apart and in pain. It breaks you (or it broke me, YMMV).
Trompe L'Oeil A beautiful experiment with words and images and Kirkchastrick, my boys. Other stories have eaten my brain. This one ate my heart.
Not Waving But Drowning Picking Amber stories to rec is like trying to pick the prettiest picture of JC. But this one was my birthday fic and it couldn't be more startling and searing.
Heartbreaker Challenge As cheesy as it sounds to say about our own challenge, we'd rec everyone of these stories (except our own) right here if they weren't already on one page for easy finding and pleasurable reading.
Line Of Defense A bodyguard's perspective, sharp and sweet.
Lift A series of small, beautiful moments builds to an ending that will take your breath away. The definitive wings story, as far as I'm concerned.
Come Back New JC's lost his way, Chris helps him find it again, and it's quiet and subtle and lyrical.
Maine Chris runs away to Maine and there's Stephen King jokes and it's all wonderful and in the end, sweet.
Love and Other Lies A historical romance of darkness and scorchingly hot, and oddly enough, Joey and Lance that I like. Kevin is dark and evil and it's a fine, fine read.
Smile For The Fans Dark, subtle character study of JC.
Key Of Marvin Warm pretty sweaty sunburnt JC and golden Nicky. Rich and lush.
Slurpee Joey and JC and the things we can't have. Really pretty wonderful.
The Way Things Are Dark and bitter, with a nuanced narrative voice that makes me squirm in pleasure and sadness. With Chris and poor Joey and Justin is off somewhere setting things in motion.
Schism & Synchronicity In which first there is Howie and it's great and happy and then sad like a missing limb, and second there is Nick who discovers his angels and happy again.
The Thousand Nights and The One Night and The Perfumed Garden Howie rambles about roles and the importance of good books until AJ shows up and things get really good.
Spanish Harlem Long, but touching and sweet as Howie finds love with AJ.
Shuddering For Days JC, Lance, and Anna Begins. It's pretty lovely.
Ghost Passing Through More JC and Lance, and it's sad and cold and very very good.
A Sentimental Education An overdue rec since I often to point to this story as a definitive and beautiful portrait of Justin and Chris and Britney.
and you were my bridge over troubled waters Silvia's timbertrick divorce story, and it's one of the most amazing break up stories in this fandom.
Sin(cos) Blue hair and backwards shirts and prose that's elegant and heartbreaking. Cartercest, but don't let that scare you. This story is fantastic.
Creation Myth The kind of story that creates fanon except not, but it's fantastic and still fits exactly in the world like a puzzle piece. Brilliant.
Master Plan If loving Chris and JC like this, funny and heartbreaking and sweet, is wrong, there's no need to ever ever be right.
Anyone Could See Subtle and short, about JC and sharing space.
Out of LA Justin turns 16 and JC is the best present ever, except it's not sucky or stupid, it's lovely and sweet and hot.
Extraordinary JC and Lance on a blind date in a lovely college AU. Short and sweet and funny.
Sex Sells Lance finds out there's a lot of sex in Germany, and also that JC's hot. And it's super-hot, sexy and fun.
The Haircuts A marvelous AU set in present-day Boston, and everyone's quite the mod. Fun, fun, fun!
The Legendary Grapefruit Gurus of Southern California Chris brings grapefruits to JC, which isn't quite coals to Newcastle at all, but it's a lovely story that flows and ebbs and all is, you know, lovely.
Like Yoko Ono *THE* hiatus break-up fic, it doesn't get any better than this.
Eyes To Grow Old The best Brian fic I've ever read, and one of the most beautiful GSF fics I've ever read and beautiful is not a word chosen lightly.
The Hiatus Yes, yes, I do have a preference for fics about the hiatus that are more parody than real. They feel more real. This is hilarious.
Faster Than Light Chris and Joey in a sweet and quiet post-sync fic.
Milwaukee's Best Chris and Joey and a fine sense of home.
The Handbasket So, there's this club and it's pretty much the last place Chris thought he would find Brian ... really. Very enjoyable.
Calling Yes, yes, I do love me some Chris/Nick, can you tell? A bright and summery one where Nick is wiser than the average twenty-two year old.
Rentboy This really isn't Pretty Woman, and it's fantastic JC and Justin, dark and bitter.
A True War Story Katie gives great Justin and this is a great story.
Lights So Bright Lance and Chris, now and in the past and sometimes it's a mistake, but not really.
Lucky Stars Nick and Lance and while I don't believe in psychics, I believe this is hot and sweet without being cloying and a wonderful read.
Kiss The Cook Howie and JC meet in a kitchen, it's light and funny and a lovely fun read.
Company AJ is broken, Lance is skittish but things come together in the end in a lovely way.
Jive Talking AJ goes to Justin's party and it's bright and fizzy and intoxicating.
Dream World Joey meets AJ in a bar and then, you know, things happen. Hot and twisty.
Wrap Joey spots JC shoplifting and the rhythm of this story inspires complete envy from me.
The one where they all have sex in a hotel room in Houston The situation is clear from the title, but that doesn't quite communicate how wonderfully hot this is.
Five Years Chris, Justin, Nick and Aaron. Where do you picture yourself in five years? Hypnotic.
Page Six Funny and funny. Justin is going to write a book and the funny masks the part where it just breaks your heart. Broke mine.
JC Lassos The Moon It's A Wonderful Life is the best Christmas movie ever, JC and Chris agree on that. Sweet in the best way.
Always Somebody An amazing story written just for me. JC, Chris, Nick, and everything I could've hoped for in my Secret Santa story.
You Would Know If It Wasn't Love Bonnie and Clyde Sync with a twist, and if it doesn't break your heart, then you didn't have one to begin with.
And The Painted Ponies Go Up And Down Nick from young to mature, and happiness with the right guy in the end, promise.
Don't Believe Everything You Breathe Justin's figures out a lot of things during the hiatus and the important one is Chris.
Metaphor Not Simile Justin and Chris, timbertrick you can bite right in to.
Law Of Averages Nick gets a clue in a lovely narrative that sounds just like a fourteen year old (no underage sex here, swear, it's not a Nick pairing at all. But more would give it away.)
The Center The most addictive AU out there, crossover in a massive way, with new parts going up left and right in lucy_fic's lj. This links you to her lj.
Caught We all need a little cute in our lives, just like Lance and JC. Short and sweet.
Guerillas A layered, intense, fantastic NSYNC AU by Helen. Did I mention it's great? Because it is.
Keep Pounding Rhythm Britney, Justin, Chris in a steamy AU. Steamy and scalding.
Autumn Goodbye Miss Britney figures things out thanks to Christina.
Never Stop Britney has never learned how to not love Justin, and Lance is the perfect third wheel.
Germany in November It's really cold and it gets under Brian's skin.
Stay, I'm Burning Slow Justin and Joey, how it is and was and ends.
Wolves and Boybands Mate For Life Funny and sweet and just plain delicious Chris and JC.
Yours In the realm of an oldie but so damned good. After the happy ending for Joey and Lance, the aftermath.
Trimurti Brian and Nick in three parts, heartbreakingly casual and so very not.
What We Don't Know Chris and Justin should always be this soinlove. Really.
Postcards From The Animal House A delightful AU about a zoo and all the people who work there and visit there. WIP, but stands as is right now.
Justdestined Howie and Justin and a "normal" morning. Maybe.
Never Can, Never Will Christina gets that tattoo on the back of her neck.
Bluest Ink Joey and JC and tattoos and the happy. Promise.
The Best Therapists Are Inaminate A story that includes past-life regression visits and Joey having conversations with a dildo doesn't sound like it would be as moving and heartfelt and subtle and layered as this story is.
Material Boys Kevin and Howie, and souvenirs pilfered. Sweet and funny.
I Can Cook, Too Howie comes out to the boys and AJ is a sweetie.
Sand At The Water's Edge Sharing is a good thing. Well done GSF.
Trick Fast like a motorcycle crash, Capp's timbertrick is always amazing.
Aged A diner, and Chris and Justin, again, soinlove.
Dirty Dancing Okay, fine, it's Justin and Wade, but it's a tight, hot AU.
Frontier A beautiful series of almost vignettes for each of the nsyncers, each moment a little shining thing.
Melancholy Chris and Justin, and it should be love. It should be!
Stay the Night A classic of popslash, Lance is a hooker! JC loves him anyway.
Like Honestly, Chris likes Joey. Sweet and fun.
Left Alone Nick's mother stops touring with the Boys, and he's left alone. Sweet and subtle.
Change Change is good for Nick and Howie. Lovely conversational tone.
Map of the World Another classic, and some of the bestest JoLa around.
Lollipop Nick is older now, Kevin realizes. A nicely done short laced with melancholy.
Be Your Own Best Friend Epic trickyfish and the best very long trickyfish around. With humor and heartbreak and also, not just good Chris and Lance, but lovely Justin and Joey and JC.
Being True Justin turns 21 and keeps promises to himself.
Reach One of my top five lamblove stories, sweet and sexy.
Something There Is Is Benzedrine In Bed Loopy and goes straight to the heart, an amazing piece.
Need Quiet and real feeling, moving lamblove.
Elements Wonderful Backstreet & JC, flashbacks, lovely, a great car ride.
Butter Sometimes I forget this lamblove story isn't actually canon because it feels like it absolutely must have happened that way. Sexy and heart-breaking.
Hair Howie is convinced he's not hot and AJ proves him wrong.
Deadly Seven deadly sins, except you'll only die of laughter and sheer fun. Lambs!
Remember When Joey remembers when he loved Lance and it's the not the happy ending you'd expect.
Fly A classic Amber AU with lambs and a whole different world, amazing depth and evocative.
The Kissing Thing (First of three parts, read all three!) Super hot GSF baby sync. Hot!
Stay Cool, Boy I generally don't like baby lambs, because it's not quite as good as this story.
Never Get Far New Jersey arcades and a really evocative JC POV, looking at himself and Justin.
Polite Conversation Subtle and understated, Lance & Laura and Justin & Britney have dinner.
For This Moment to Arrive Chris makes a decision about himself and JC, and one of the best original characters in popslash I've read in a very long time.
or what they think is love Hmmmmmmmmm, bike messenger Boston AU. Lambs! Perfect little details and a wonderful love story.
Jumping To Conclusions Everyone thinks they know what's going on with Chris and Justin.
Everybody Else Is Doing It Another exception to the not liking baby lambs rule, almost GSF, completely hot and sweet.
And I Feel Fine JC and Tony after and before and during everything in that inimitable Amber style.
Buying A Clue So funny, so adorable, and one of those nearly definitive lambs stories.
Liner Notes Chris is hot. A wonderful look inside JC's head, concise and sharp.
Element Lance and Justin come together and make everything better.
At First Sight This is a story of Joey and Lance and it's pretty much fantastic.
Going To The Chapel Maybe a little wacky, but the wedding! Lance and Justin! And it's also incredibly heartfelt.
Sweatshirt A Helen story all about the jola, and it's soft and comfortable like a sweatshirt should be.
Daylight Dissolving Timbertrick road tripping, lovely and joyful.
The View From Here Justin, Pharrell, Chad and watching things. Hot and funny.
For The Sake Of Daydreaming A stylish *NSYNC AU that builds with subtlety and ease.
Movement In Still Life (in the authors' lj in two parts, the link goes to the post to shinyandnew for ease of reading.) Drugged up clubbing and bright lights, a darling Basez/timbertrick AU that has wonderful highs and lows.
Hooray For Hollywood Lance writes about what he sees out his windows, a story about true love. Like in a movie!
Bloom Chris and JC, two stories happening all at once.
Spit And Image A long, detailed story about Kevin and his three loves and betrayal. A wonderful BSB story with an amazing Chris, but it's Kevin that lingers.
Restless JC misses Joey and a very very sweet Chris done so nice.
The Roland-Story Invitational + Coda A great basez wrestling AU. You're right in that world, completely.
Spill Chris and JC are dreaming a song. Deliciously off-kilter.
Passage Chilling and beautiful. Justin's young and learning to take care of himself.
Beautiful Joey is beautiful and Chris figures it out. Light and funny.
Undone A detailed and rich AU with amazing Chris and JC.
I Know This Bar In fandom often lacking in any gen at all, this is well-done gen, a rich look at Chris.
Hiding In Loud Silences Chris and JC, funny funny with underlying heart.
Trying To Fall Amazing structure, and still clear and moving.
Fretful JC/Justin I can get behind, with a great pissy and real feeling JC.
Style Is The Vital Thing Sincerity is the wrong way to go, as JC discovers. Also, this story is like a dagger in the heart, man. Love, love, love it.
Fool For Lesser Things A threesome story I can believe, and while Justin isn't involved, this Justin and his interactions with Joey, Lance and Chris is just so wonderful, it's worth singling out as one of many things I enjoyed about this story.
*Reverse-Chronology Multiple short AUs, always Chris and Lance.
*What I Did On My Summer Vacation Chris and Nick and they're so not dating, according to Chris.
*The Fat Man Very funny noir timbertrick.
*Snapshots Nick watches, a lovely x-over story that follows many years.
*The Quiet Room A lovely quiet Basez story.
*And Now Abideth Hmmmmmmmmmmm, timbertrick. Chris has a plan.
*First and Ten A totally fun x-over AU, with football! Yay!
*Inclinations JC and Lance in an elevator. Hot and funny!
*Hours To Go When holiday parties don't suck at all, baby sync where even I liked the trickyfish.
*Tethered Chris knows the cure for boredom for Lance, another really nice x-over.
*Before, During and Afterwards One of so many awesome Timbertone stories from this year's DNWOGA.
*Becoming Funny meta hot kirkchastrick. What's not to love?
*Leap of Faith A timbertrick AU like I've never read before and in a fandom of wild AUs, that's saying a lot.
*Wide Open Spaces A sweet hot AU with Joey and JC that very much rocks. (Sequels on Kim's site.)
*Superconnected Superheroes! Timbertrick! So very fun.
*Stick Around JC wants Chris to stick around. Awwwww.
*Quidam Chris and Kevin and completely wonderful. Lyrical.
*Out of Reach Chris is really thrown by Joey being straight. Maybe.
*The Plain Truth Amish Nick meets college student Lance. Such a wonderful, detailed, heartfelt AU.
*Never Break One of the most fascinating, detailed imaginative AUs I've read in ages.
*It's a Long Way Down to Mississippi or How to Fall in Love in 15 Hours and 44 Minutes JC needs to tell Joey he loves him.
*Fade Hot hot Chris and Lance in Germany.
*The Nature/Nuture Of Things To Come When is a clone the real thing? Brilliant goodness.
*Inside Out Lovely Nick/Kevin.
*Love and Virtual Reality (Illustrated) Sims + trickyfish = awesome hilarity.
*Cabo Decadent. Lovely. Lance is hot and sexy, man.
*Thirteen Hours From New York To Rome Super hot timbertrick. Hmmmmmmmmm, timbertrick.
*Deck The Halls With Snark And Folly Shopping, trickyfish style.
*In The Event That We Do Adapt Such a great Nick POV and realistic feeling high school AU.
*Now Or Never Lance and Nick in lovely vignettes.
*Sweet Surrender Wing!fic Choey, lyrical and amazing.
*I Only Eat Things That Are Dead Timbertrick + sushi + Japan. What more do you need?
Slash-o-matic Not a story but a random selection of wonderful stories. Nothing but fun!
Shaaazay Cafe Does anyone not rec this site? I laughed so hard I cried. Not fic, but damn, read it all.

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