A challenge. Authors were asked to take one of the quotes below from Ted Berrigan's Sonnets and use it as inspiration to write a happy popslash story. Quote must appear as title, opening quote, ending quote or within the story. No fair having someone read it aloud in a book, throw the book across the room and never reference again. And happy. A story with happy ending, and if shmoop or gleeful porn was gleaned from this source material, it's impressive. But absolutely, without exception, a happy story from the surreal and sad quotes. Sweet Teddy B is doing the twist, he's turning and turning away from the original idea but still holding onto it.

Here are the stories so far. Pairings listed at the author's discretion.

fucked til 7 now she's late to work and I'm
18 so why are my hands shaking I should know better

All The Things She Said by LibertyGinger.
mostly Timbertrick, but there's bits of Lynncest and Justin/Trace implied

As my strength and I walk out and look for you.
Go Looking by torch

too soon for the broken arm. Ripeness begins corrupting every tree.
Maybe In A Past Life by Cherish
Pink/Britney "Justin was just a front."

Something there is is benzedrine in bed
Something There Is Is Benzedrine In Bed by Cappuccino

barrel-assing Chevrolets grow bold. I summon
to myself sad silent thoughts

Hooray For Hollywood by Scotty

and I am forced to write "belly" when I mean "love"
Nevertheless, You'll Do by Rhys

Simple night houses rain
Standing pat in the breathless blue air.

Trying To Fall by Northern

Trains go by, and they are trains. He hears the feet of the men
Racing to beg him to wait.

The Tourist by Katie

Too many mosquitoes under the blazing sun
out in the stinking alley behind my desk! too many

Too Many Mosquitos Under The Blazing Sun by Saturn

just homely enough
to be beautiful
in the dark neighborhoods of my own sad youth
i fall in love. once

Yourself In Song by kel. & Sandy Keene (Links to story at both sites by clicking on names)

Some people prefer "the interior monologue"
I like to beat people up

Decoder by Music Diamond

As I am a cowboy and you are imaginary
As I Am A Cowboy And You Are Imaginary by Crystal Rose.

Summer so histrionic, marvelous dirty days
Inspiration by Dream

*added July 1st, 2003:

To swallow. Thus a man lives by his tooth
Fretful by Beth

Forget bring the green boy white ways
Depth by Sandy Keene
Justin/Lance, etc.

And I find my hand grows stale at the throttle
Of my many faceted and fake appearance

Stale At The Throttle by Tomilee

*added July 4th, 2003:

He is not in it, the hungry dead doctor
Brains Go Great With Aquavit by Stubbleglitter
jc/lance, kevin/justin

*added July 11th, 2003:

And seeming wide night. Now night
Is a big drink of waterbugs Then we were so fragile
Honey scorched our lips
For The Sake Of Daydreaming by CJ
AU. Lance/JC.

*Added after that:

Its patternless pattern of excitement
What You Need by Jenn
Justin/Lance, and a hint of JC/Chris

*And after that:

Romance of it all was overwhelming
daylight of itself dissolving and of course it rained

Daylight Dissolving by Katie

they weep and get solemn etcetera
Retraction by Stargems

*And added later still:

at every hand, my critic
and when I stand and clank it gives me shoes

At Every Hand by Harley

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