Everything on here is all made up and for entertainment only. These are fictional stories and all for fun. Stories organized mildly (and not chronologically), mildly organized. New stories, should they appear, will end up at the bottom of the 'pretty much just me' list.

Pretty Much Just Me.

Coda Justin/Lance. R for sex and language. Happy endings and ever after and after that it gets hard.

The Ondaatje Method Chris/JC. Like a fat kid loves cake.

Wouldn't Trade You For Anyone Lance/Britney, Justin/Britney, Britney/Christina, Lance/Justin. NC-17 for sex and language. You are the thing between her and me and I wouldn't trade you for anyone. Part of the Yankee Foxtrot Hotel Collective.

Cinderella And All Her Charms Lance/Justin, Justin/Chris. NC-17. And I don't know which is worse: to wake up and see the sun or to be the one that's gone. Part of the Heartbreaker Challenge.

The Trumpet Has Obviously Been Drinking Chris/Justin. PG-13. Elliot Smith, Either/Or songs, the dpop desert island 5 challenge 2.

One Hundred Steps To The Perfect Fortieth Birthday Party JC/Chris. Remember it's your special day!

Everybody Has Secrets Lance/Justin. PG-13. Lance knew Justin from the Mickey Mouse Club. Driven inspired.

A Fool In So Many Ways Britney/Lance, Justin/Joey. R. She can do body language analysis for US magazine if this doesn't work out. For the Brit Songfic Challenge.

Smack Crack Bush-whacked JC/Chris, Justin/Lance, JC/Lance. NC-17 for sex and language. He falls for Chris a million times and every time feels like a smack.

Nothing But Net Justin/Lance, a little Chris/JC. R for language, sex. AU, and some of us got a little into the NCAA March Madness office pool and this resulted. When dorky passions collide!

Western Union Desperate JC/Joey. R for implied sex and language. I'm western union desperate in a pay phone in LA.

Wouldn't It Be Nice? Nick/Chris, Nick/Justin, Nick/Lance, Justin/Lance. NC-17 for sex. Nick decides to start counting the summer as beginning with the week where he fucked 3/5ths of NSYNC in five days. And that's got to be a good omen, if not the plot of a porno he'd buy and never stop watching.

Rollercoaster Justin/Lance, Chris/Lance. Richard & Linda Thompson, Shoot Out The Lights, the dpop desert island 5 challenge 1.

One Thousand Days Justin/Lance. NC-17. They're on again and off again and it will never last.

A Room Of Our Own Chris/JC, Chris/Justin. It's a complete headfuck.

Language Joey/Chris. You have to learn the right language. Richard & Linda Thompson, Shoot Out The Lights, the dpop desert island 5 challenge 1.

When I Sleep You Are Near To Me Lance/Justin. NC-17. 'You walk out of the room with your hands so deep in your pockets I don't recognize you.' They get married in Vermont, they have kids. You've been warned.

Ghetto Wisdom Chris/Justin. Happy Birthday, Katie! Chris wondered, Justin analyzed, and then this shitstorm happened.

Great Leap Forward Lance/Justin. R for sex. Because it won't kill you to try but it will kill you not to.

Ode To Billie Joe Joey/Chris. PG. Joey's an okay guy. Part of the Anyone Can Whistle challenge.

Coming Of Age Lance/JC. R for language. It's like one of those sad coming of age stories, except maybe not sad. Written for Susie for DNWOGA 2002.

Feels Like Inside Out And now, read the story with commentary. Lance/Justin, Lance/Justin/Joey. NC-17 for sex, language. The beginning, the middle and a sort of end and then back again. For the Indigo Girls challenge.

Count To Three Justin/Chris. Also Justin/Lance and Chris/JC. NC-17 for sex and language. Count to three and see what happens.

Viva The Skaters Under The Burnside Bridge Justin/Joey. NC-17 for sex and language. A bet and gift disguised.

Stop Singing Justin/Chris. R for language. Chris won't stop singing and Justin keeps asking.

Shot In The Arm Chris/Justin. R. Chris hates change in Justin.

The Finest Light Joey/Justin. NC-17. Written for 2003 DNWOGA Finland, 1965. Joey never thought being in the CIA would be boring until it wasn't.

The American Way Justin/Lance. R for language. "You said you'd always fall for the underdog."

First Love and Other Miscommunications Justin/Lance. NC-17 for sex and language. AU, (When Harry met Sally ... met Ralph Nader.) Boy meets boy, boy doesn't like boy, boy likes boy after all, boy loses boy and then maybe, boy gets boy back.

Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea Justin/Lance. R for sex. One day we'll float, take life as it comes. Lise's birthday fic.

Out And About Justin/Lance. NC-17 for sex and language. They're only telling one lie in interviews, now.

Playing Your Song Justin/AJ. NC-17. Justin just wants a night off. Written for the Mix N Match Challenge.

Isle of View Justin/Lance and also JC/Lance, Lance/Brit, Lance/Howie and yeah. NC-17 for lots of sex and language. Justin and Lance switch bodies. Hilarity, sex and heartbreak ensue. Previous title: fic that is on crack.

Song Titles You Can't Use Justin/Nick. R. Justin remembers the first kiss, when he hit his head against the bathroom wall and Nick just stopped. Nick said, "Are you okay?"

Here It Is Lance/Justin. and other. NC-17. Grand teenage passion and after that. 'May everyone live and may everyone die. Hello, my love, and my love, goodbye.'

By The Rivers Dark Justin/Lance. NC-17. 'By the rivers dark I panicked on. I belonged at last to Babylon.' Sequel of sorts to Here It Is.

Constant State of Suspense GSF, JoLa-y, Lamb-y. NC-17 for sex, sex, sex and language. Joey knows the rules. Elliot Smith, Either/Or songs, the dpop desert island 5 challenge 2.

The Encyclopedia of What Ifs Lance/Justin, Lance/JC, Chris/JC, Lance/Nick. R. Imagine this, twice. A birthday fic for Kel, in two parts.

We Have Just The One Justin/Lance. Chris/JC, Nick/Howie. NC-17 for sex and language. So, there's Justin Timberlake, college student and Justin Timberlake, pop star and for a few days, they switch places. It's like that.

Confusion Is Love Lance/Pink. Lance/Justin. R. Pink kisses Lance at a party in full view of three photographers right after she says, "You're completely gay, aren't you?" She uses tongue. (A bday fic for Chased_Amy.)

Long Story Short Justin/Lance. R for sex, language. Justin tries to make a long story short but Trace and his mom have questions. Written for Sunnie for DNWOGA 2002.

Free Man In Paris (280k page). Free. Man. In. Paris. (In four parts) Justin/Lance. (And: Chris/Lance, Justin/Nick, Justin/Chris, Chris/Nick) R for sex and language. 'I was a free man in Paris, I felt unfettered and alive.' Some things are just like falling off a bicycle.

As Lucid As Hell Justin/Lance. NC-17. This is the popslash Works In Progress Dorm. You leave when you're Finished or Deleted.

Depth Justin/Lance, JC/Chris. Forget bring the green boy white ways.

Four Ties Justin/Lance. AU, when the junior DA met the bounty hunters looking for his ex-boyfriend and *his* new boyfriend. And then, many bumps and bruises later ...

Awkward Rhymes Friendship, with Chris/JC, Justin/Lance, Chris/Lance, Justin/Nick on the side. NC-17 for sex and language. "I mean, people always talk about romance and sex and love and throwing yourself in front of a bus for other people but there are reasons to do that, to throw yourself in front of a bus than just sex and romance. There's love, like you guys. Like friends."

Everyone Thinks It Justin/Nelly, Chris/Joey. R for sex and language. I'll treat you good, for the "Girlfriend" remix. Written for the Songfic Challenge.

Boyband Drabbles and Very Short Stories Many pairings. R-ish. Drabbles collected. Updated September 20th, 2002.

NEW in 2005: In His Wisdom Joey/Nick, Joey/JC. R. JC might be called and Joey might be out of balance.

Series. Still pretty much just me.

Bob Dylan, Planet Waves.
11 unrelated shorts, one pairing per song. Thanks to Younger and Kelly for all stories, and also Silvia for Forever Young (Rock). Lyrics quoted unless noted from Bob Dylan. As always, everything is made up and for entertainment only. All stories R or NC-17 for sex and language.
On A Night Like This Chris/Joey. (death warning.)
Going Going Gone JC/Justin.
Tough Mama Joey/Justin.
Hazel Joey/JC.
Something There Is About You Joey/Lance.
Forever Young (Folk) Lance/Chris.
Forever Young (Rock) Chris/Justin.
Dirge Nick/Justin.
You Angel You Chris/JC.
Never Say Goodbye Lance/JC.
The Wedding Song Justin/Lance.

The Little Black Dress With Sparkles
Lex Luthor of Smallville plus the Backstreet Boys + NSYNC + Eminem.
Ratings vary from G to NC-17.
Brian/Lex G
Howie/Lex NC-17
Kevin/Lex R
Joey/Lex NC-17
Justin/Lex NC-17
Lance/Lex R

*N Soap (An Alternate Universe)
There's two soap operas, two sets of actors. Scenes from the rough and tumble world of making things sudsy.
The Best Man For The Job Joey/Justin. NC-17 for sex and language. Here's the one where Joey does a big favor for Justin.
Break A Leg Nick/Justin. NC-17 for sex and language. Here's the one where Nick learns about being hot and giving head.
Push It Lance/JC. R for sex and language. Here's the one where Lance joins the cast and JC gets a new love interest. Part of the Garbage challenge.
Lifetimes Before Chris/JC. NC-17 for sex and language. Here's the one where Chris realizes he's hot.
Go Awry Justin/Lance. The one where Justin makes plans to make Lance happy.

Many-roomed Houses Of Wood - series
Your Life is Now Justin/Lance, implied others. NC-17 for sex, violence and after-effects of trauma. And so your first memory of anything at all is saying "I don't know."
Lighted Windows JC/Chris, implied others. R for sex, after-effect of violence. Sequel to Your Life Is Now. "I wouldn't be here if I weren't happy to see you, he tells me; if you don't tell me that you're happy, I think to myself, I don't feel it's true."
Limp Lance/Justin, implied others. NC-17 for sex, after-effects of violence. Sequel to Lighted Windows. Lance looked down at his dick and thought, what did I ever do to you?
Like It If You Dare Chris/JC, implied others. R for sex, language and after-effects of violence. Sequel to Limp. Written by Tiff. Somebody's mom is bound to cry.
You Think That I'm Strong Joey, Joey/Kelly, Joey/Lance, implied others. NC-17 for sex, language and angst, personal safety issues, violence, one reference to 9/11. Sequel to Like It If You Dare. You think that I'm strong, you're wrong.

Stories Written With Other People. If co-author not stated in summary or notes, the co-author is Sandy the Younger. For the rest of her popslash fic, follow the link in the previous sentence.

Shiny Shiny Pants and Bleached Blond Hair Lance/Britney. PG-13. The world needs a good college AU Lance/Brit epic more than it needs a new Wilco album. He's damn sure of that. Jeff Tweedy really does put subliminal messages in his songs. Written with Katie. Part of the Yankee Foxtrot Hotel Collective.

No Consolation Prize Lance/Chris. NC-17. Lance is starting to get a little worried that he's not as smart as he thinks he is. Written with Katie.

When The Stars Go Blue JC/Justin. NC-17 for sex. He keeps thinking about a song he wrote called "The Lies I Told That I Believed When I Said Them," and one particular line. "We will always be friends and we will always stay in touch."

Rescue Blues Lance/Chris. NC-17 for sex. Sequel to When The Stars Go Blue. Chris hopes Lance has finally pulled his head out of his ass.

An Adult Or Something Joey/JC. R. AU, Joey needs furniture and JC makes good stuff.

Habit Justin/JC. and other. R for language. "The universe doesn't have laws, it has habits. And habits can be broken."

Nonpareil JC/Justin. R for language, squicky moments. "But JC hears it and studies Justin's face, and realizes he can no longer tell the difference between a dull roar and a slow burn."

Up With What You're Down With - series
Ambivalent Blues Lance/Justin. NC-17. Britney's cigarettes, Britney's shampoo and Justin's and Lance's past and pain.
I Better Be Careful Or I'll Be Understood By Everybody Lance/Justin (and a wee bit of Lance/JC). R. Some things we say best in song. Lance wants pancakes. The sequel to Ambivalent Blues.
Fat Tuesday Everyday! Lance/Justin (and a wee bit of JC/Chris). R. Justin is Enquirer boy. Sequel to I Better Be Careful Or I'll Be Understood By Everybody.
Narragansett Night Life Lance/Justin. R. Lance has a Behind The Music moment. Sequel to Fat Tuesday Everyday!
The Shaker Aesthetic Lance/Justin. NC-17. Raging against the diminution of adoration into affection and bemused tolerance. Sequel to Narragansett Night Life.
Emma Flood, My Best Friend Justin/Lance. NC-17. A roadtrip, a warm fall, the last of the series. Sequel to the Shaker Aesthetic.

The Wrong Band Lance/Justin, Joey/JC, a little Justin/Nick Carter. NC-17 for sex and language. AU, just one step away from our world. Where the Backstreets Boys are six and the youngest is an adorable Justin Timberlake. And now Justin's twenty and he isn't going to work on Lou's farm any more.

Too Many People Out Of Love Lance/Justin, a little Chris/JC. NC-17 for sex. AU, where Justin is a rentboy and Lance is frequently oblivious while Chris and Joey rock out and JC will guide you on the way.

Twenty Minutes Justin/Lance. NC-17. They have twenty minutes before the interviews start. Justin left his phone in the conference room.

West Virginia Justin/Lance. NC-17 for sex and language. *N some serious shit. A romp of a chase of the oldest action plot in town. Part of the Slash Across America challenge.

West Virginia 2: Dirty South Justin/Lance. R. Action! Adventure! A sequel to West Virginia, with a special guest star, a surpise ending and missing pants and donuts.

Every Day Lance/Justin, JC/Chris. R for sex and language. I will love you more with every day, for the song "I'll Be Good For You." Written for the Songfic Challenege.

The Holy Childhood Meets Its Maker On A Mystery Hill Lance/Justin. NC-17 for sex, language and gratuitous references to the Golden Girls. See, these two guys come to a restaurant, and they have a blind date ... Also, Trace can't ever find out.

Rest In Peace Lance/Justin. PG-13 for language. Lance can't sing the song all by himself. No way, no how.

Clifton Street Lance/Justin. R for sex, language. Clifton Street is Lance's favorite street in Portland. Part of the Definitive Wonder challenge.

On The Line 2: The Flaming Blue Bugaloo Kevin (On the Line)/Justin. R for sex and language. In which On The Line (the movie) collides with a rather silly NSYNC AU.

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